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Get more details on the goals, the audience, and other helpful information to guide you through the Budweiser challenge.

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Budweiser is brewing for a better America by donating 175,000 mWh of clean electricity derived from Budweiser’s own Wind Farm at Thunder Ranch in Billings, Oklahoma. This represents a donation equal to the amount of renewable electricity Budweiser uses to produce all the Budweiser consumed in the US. Budweiser is challenging you to create a campaign that will not only identify where and how to best apply this excess clean electricity, but also how to communicate the bold initiative. Your creative concept should tie back to “We raise our Bud to ordinary people doing extraordinary things” core creative idea.


Go to and submit your entries for the Budweiser Emerging Creative Award by June 28, 2019.


The winning campaign, as chosen by the Clio Brand Jury, will be presented on stage at the 60th Annual Clio Awards in New York City (travel and accommodations provided by Budweiser). The winner will be given the opportunity to work with Budweiser to bring their Clio-winning idea to life.


Note: Entries open to creatives aged 21-29 only. The entry fee is $50 and is not subject to late fees. Entries that include a video, will be charged a $35 media handling fee. All entries submitted will be owned by Budweiser US.

Clio Awards | Budweiser
In collaboration with the Clio Awards, Budweiser is searching for creatives aged 21-29 to participate in the Budweiser Emerging Creative Award.

Group VP, Core and Value Brands, Anheuser-Busch

Ricardo and a panel of industry experts will judge the entries in the Budweiser Challenge.

Featured Juror
Ricardo Marques

Learn how Anheuser-Busch is brewing for a better tomorrow with its initiatives at Thunder Ranch windfarm.

Budweiser Emerging Creative Award